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We would like to inform you that on May 10, 2021, an online scientific-practical conference "Improving the quality of education and training in the field of physical culture" will be held at the Faculty of Physical Culture of Urgench State University.


We invite you to the Republican scientific-practical conference on "Priorities for the development of services in the region", which will be held on November 18, 2021 at 10:00 at Urgench State University.


Scientific and innovative solutions to the problems of biology, ecology and agriculture

Urgench State University in collaboration with the Department of Biology and Ecology and Life Safety invites you to participate in a scientific-practical conference on "Scientific and innovative solutions to the problems of biology, ecology and agriculture" on April 15, 2021.


Republican Scientific and Technical Conference "INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES ON THE BASIS OF LOCAL RAW MATERIALS AND SECONDARY RESOURCES", dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the labor and scientific activity of Professor MJ Jumaniyazov of Urgench State University. April 19-20, 2021


On May 27, 2021, Urgench State University will host the first traditional scientific-practical conference on "PROBLEMS OF UZBEK LITERATURE".

The conference will study the role of life, activity and creative heritage of artists in the development of Uzbek literature as well as the role of educating young people. It is planned to analyze the ongoing research in this area, identify problems in the field and interpret them.