Activity of the "Accounting" department of Urgench State University

  • Timely recording of the process of cash flow, movement of fixed assets, targeted planning of income and expenses and fulfillment of obligations in university accounts;
  • Timely transfer of taxes and other obligatory payments arising from the activities of the University to the Republican budget, regional and local budgets, extra-budgetary social funds, credit institutions and financing facilities;
  • Urgench State University controls the use of the payroll and the correctness of the system of remuneration of workers, the inventory of fixed assets, the order of accounting and reporting;
  • Participate in the internal audit of the organization, conducting financial analysis and formulating tax policy based on the information in the accounting and reporting;
  • Work to ensure compliance with financial and treasury regulations, the legality of the write-off of deficiencies, receivables and payables.

Financial documents related to the activities of Urgench State University

Davlat xaridlari bo'yicha tuzilgan shartnomalar (2020-2021)

Urganch davlat universitetining 2021-yil 2-chorak hisoboti

Contracts concluded by the university on public procurement

Rules for calculation of wages and distribution of bonuses

Urgench State University Financial Report for 2020

Institutional budget

The cost estimate for the institution's budget is 2020

Cost estimates for extra-budgetary (contract) funds of the institution in 2020

Balance Form №1 01.04.2020

Balance Form №1 01.07.2020


Tasdiqlangan kontrakt to'lovlari