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Every year, university instructors and lecturers visit rural schools to educate the teachers on instructing and implementing the most recent study materials and textbooks. By organizing seminars and training sessions, qualified teachers support school teachers in developing their scientific abilities. More than 200 schools in the Khorezm region are visited by Urganch State University professors, who take part in the student's educational experiences and offer valuable guidance.

Every year, public health education is conducted by university professors and instructors. For instance, whenever they head to the nearby communities, they offer both scientific and useful advice on how to enhance the locals' health and adopt an active lifestyle. They organize marathon runs with city residents on the weekends, rewarding the victors.

Sardor Davletov, the vice-rector of "Youth Issues and Spiritual and educational affairs", A youth leader at the university Abbas Samandarov and Sherali Allaberganov the head of the "Youth Issues and Spiritual and educational affairs" These people responsible for the university students to advice and implement programs and trainings related to diversity, equality, and human rights for students. They regularly advise and help students with the opportunities and conditions created. They hold regular meetings and trainings. Help is provided within the limits of the powers of the students in any issues that are bothering them.

In order to implement sustainable development, the university administration should improve the quality of education, expand scientific and innovative research, develop cooperation with foreign higher education institutions, expand scientific collaboration with foreign scientists, and increase the wide involvement of our youth in science and creative fields. We endeavor all professors, teachers, young scientists, graduate students, and students to be selfless, increase their scientific potential, and be active in the sustainable development of our university.

For students with disabilities, the university has developed a variety of options. There are at the moment 281 undergraduates with handicapped students. On December 3rd, which is International Day of Disabled Persons, the university will allot a one-time financial aid award that is double the value of the baseline scholarship. For 98 students with disabilities, 50% to 100% of fees were waived at the university's student housing. The Information Resource Center has 151 titles of audio educational literature for blind students with disabilities. University Information Resource Center Khorezm Regional Information-Library for the Blind has made a mutual agreement and is using this literature, there are 656 copies of literature in Braille, including 12 titles of textbooks, 35 titles of study guides, and 600 titles of fiction literature. , 21 titles of other literature and 245 copies of audio literature, including 11 titles of textbooks, 15 titles of instructional manuals, 197 titles of fiction, and 12 titles of other literature, agreements were made for the use of other literature, and conditions were created for reading in classrooms. In the student residence of Urganch State University, 5 rooms are designed for disabled people and all conditions have been created. A corridor for the disabled has been built at the entrance to the student residence. In order to strengthen the health of disabled students, the student accommodation has sports equipment. All corridors in the university are covered with concrete asphalt and adapted for the free movement of disabled people with special wheelchairs.