Urgench State University student's hostel is located in Urgench city, house 11, Marifatchilar street. The campus consists of 4 buildings and has a capacity of 1058 students.
There are 12 cultural and leisure rooms in the campus, 1 studying , 1 computer , 1 educational , 1 parents , 20 washing rooms (261 seats), 13 hygienic rooms (17 seats) , 20 toilets (189 seats), 20 toilets (162 seats), 32 kitchens, 16 laundry rooms, 1 buffet and one kitchen in the hostel. Their services are exemplary and eminently. 
Internal normative legal actsare developed on students' residence. 
There are 16 cameras on all floors of the campus and 5 surveillance cameras in the area. In addition, the entrance to the student residence is equipped with a turnstile. 
The students' living rooms are equipped with all the necessary soft and hardwood furniture (table-chairs, curtains, carpets, dressing-cases, hooks, bookshelves, tumbas, footwear storage boxes, meals and class tables), bed sheets.