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 In 2019, I entered  Urgench State University, one of the universities in Uzbekistan. During this time, my interest on my profession increased due to the knowledge provided by qualified teacher-professors. Furthermore, It can be admitted that it is remarkable to address to the representatives of other nationalities. At university I made many friends, including diverse types of nationalities, and I discovered my potential abilities. I am very grateful for the opportunities that the University provides for us 





Sabirova Kuvonchai

Russian Federation


Faculty of Foreign Philology















Urgench State University, being one of the most prestigious universities in Uzbekistan, gave me wonderful student moments over these 4 years. Thanks to the education of the best professors and senior teachers at this university i now have valuable and strong knowledge in my field of activity. I must once again say that here I gained the life experiences that are necessary for my further independent life, made new friends and discovered my own abilities. I can say with confidence that all my achievements at this university are the result of the excellent conditions created here. I am very glad that I studied at Urgench State University.






Nazokat Hudayarova


Xorijiy filologiya fakulteti