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Our Internationalization strategy based on the “Conception of development of the Higher education system of the Republic of Uzbekistan until 2030” and presents the renewed approach to Urgench State University’s international strategic activity from 2020-2030. The strategic direction of the University’s internationalization, as described in the 2020-2030 strategy documents, has been adjusted in response to the University’s refreshed institutional strategy and changes in the Higher Education landscape, which have shifted significantly over the last years.

In further developing our international profile and reputation, the University places particular emphasis upon -

- Improving the organization of joint educational programs with foreign higher educational establishments.

 -Producing research of international impact and significance, shaping the ways in which the world is seen and understood

-Welcoming the ablest students, teachers, and researchers from across the world, and celebrating diversity in culture and perspective

- Enabling students and staff to engage international cultures to further their personal and professional development

-Educating students to become informed and responsible citizens and supporting them as alumni to make leading contributions internationally

-Promoting partnership with international universities, funding bodies, and other private and public organizations  including through our participation in the Erasmus+ programm

-Supporting the social, cultural, and economic interests of the city and region through the University’s international expertise and engagement

The Urgench State University builds and strengthens the academic union of professors, researchers, students, and other associates and aims at the university enforcement at home and in the world.

The University already enjoys an international reputation for its teaching excellence and innovation as well as strong links with business and industry on a global scale. It is vital for the future of the institution that we consider a worldwide presence. This includes the development of the University’s international outlook and ensuring that we make a difference wherever we operate in the world