What are the main tasks of those who compile the list of housing?

In the process of preparing for the population census, it is envisaged to compile a list of each housing in the designated area, and the compilers of the housing list will be attached to the precincts. The head of the district (city) Registration Department supervises the activities of the compilers of the housing list.

Specially trained housing enumerators (registrars) determine the list of all buildings in which the respondents live (temporarily) or can live, check cartographic materials, give them makes an appropriate mark and submits it to the cadastral authorities for making changes if necessary.

Compilers of housing lists are selected from among the employees of relevant organizations and operate on the basis of a contract.

Source: "Regulation on preparation for the 2023 population census in the Republic of Uzbekistan and the procedure for conducting it" approved by the Cabinet of Ministers' decision No. 710 of November 11, 2020