Youth Against AIDS

Today, on the initiative of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, a spiritual and educational event was held on the topic "Youth against AIDS".

The event was attended by F. Otajanov, doctor of the Khorezm Region regional branch of the Republican Specialized Narcology Scientific and Practical Medical Center, faculty tutors, and students of the 223rd and 225th groups of Mathematics and the 223rd group of Physics.

AIDS and its tragic consequences were discussed at the meeting, and in order to protect our youth from various diseases, it was, first of all, discussed that it is necessary to develop their ideological immunity.

They noted that the purpose of conducting such preventive measures in universities is to form immunity against various destructive ideas that try to mislead students and to fight against such forces with the science of education when necessary. The negative consequences of AIDS were explained on the basis of analytical data and facts.;Yoshlar OITSga qarshi;Yoshlar OITSga qarshi;Yoshlar OITSga qarshi