We are against corruption

Today, December 2, the next meeting of H. Shihova, the Department of Anti-Corruption "Compliance Control" for fighting against corruption of UrSU, was held with the students of physics department 223 of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics.

In the fight against corruption, it is necessary to raise the legal culture, to identify and put an end to crimes such as bribery, greed, and to know that punishment for such crimes is inevitable. Therefore, such events are regularly organized with students and young people.

A person who understands how terrible corruption is, who consciously perceives it, does not commit this crime.

At the roundtable discussion, the students gained such knowledge and received answers to the questions they were interested in., Biz korrupsiyaga qarshimiz, Biz korrupsiyaga qarshimiz, Biz korrupsiyaga qarshimiz, Biz korrupsiyaga qarshimiz