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"Knowledgeable girls" quiz

Today, at the initiative of the Women's Advisory Council of Urganch State University, the "Qizlarjon" and "Zakovat" clubs, the university round of the "Knowledgeable Girls" quiz was held under the slogan "Scientific Woman - Mirror of Society" within the framework of the "21st Century Woman" festival.

Teams of intelligent and in search of science, female students from all faculties took part in it. Quiz questions were related to the Law "On amendments and additions to certain legal documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan in connection with the further improvement of the system of reliable protection of the rights, freedoms and legal interests of women and children".

According to the results:

Faculty of Socio-Economic Sciences 1st place;

Technical Faculty 2nd place;

Faculty of Foreign Philology 3rd place;

The smartest girls will be selected from the winning teams and will participate in the regional round of the quiz., “Bilimdon qizlar” viktorinasi, “Bilimdon qizlar” viktorinasi, “Bilimdon qizlar” viktorinasi, “Bilimdon qizlar” viktorinasi