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Struggle against ignorance with enlightenment is the need of the times


Today, on November 20, at Urganch State University, under the theme "Fighting ignorance with enlightenment - the need of the times", "Reforms implemented in the religious and educational sphere in Uzbekistan" and "Imam Bukhari's legacy - against false ideas" ” spiritual and educational promotion event was held.

It was attended by R. Sharipov, advisor to the rector of UrSU, Sh. Allaberganov, head of the youth work, spirituality and enlightenment department, university tutors and students from all faculties.

Jonibek Jumayev, a researcher at the Imam Bukhari International Scientific and Research Center under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, was a guest at the event. and gave a report on timely and appropriate resistance to threats in the information field, as well as on the correct formation of religious thinking among young people. During the meeting, students and young people received answers to their questions.

At the end of the event, the works of Imam Bukhari published by the center were donated to the university library.