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"Help to Aral" charity action

Today, on March 30, early in the morning, a group of students of Urgench State University went on a trip to Moynaq district of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, accompanied by environmental experts and university tutors, as part of the charity action "Help to Aral". The students were escorted by the university management led by UrSU Rector Bakhrom Abdullayev.

In recent years, our state has been carrying out large-scale efforts to mitigate the consequences of the Aral tragedy and improve the socio-economic condition of Moynaq. In particular, saxophone farms are being built in the dry bottom of the island. During the trip, in order to contribute to this good cause, our students aimed to plant saxophones and cypresses within the charity action "Help to Aral", which is being held in our region.

Watch the impressions of the trip with us...