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The teacher is the light that leads to perfection!


Today is the birthday of Uzbekistan's honored scientist, winner of the Beruniy State Prize, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, doctor of physics and mathematics, professor Sa'di Hasanovich Sirojiddinov.

On this occasion, a commemorative event "Remembering the Teacher..." was held with the participation of students of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of Urgench State University.

The event was opened by the Rector of UrSU B. Abdullayev, who called Sa'di Sirojiddinov, a mathematician and public figure, a scientist who served in Uzbekistan, as a people-oriented scientist, a passionate leader and a devotee of science. He spoke to the demands about his efforts to increase the scientific potential in our country.

Also, at the event, honorary professor of the university S.Masharipova shared her memories of teacher S.Sirojiddinov. The vice-rector for international cooperation, G. Orazboyev, recalled his studies at the International School of Physics and Mathematics named after Sirojiddinov at the National University of Uzbekistan, and emphasized that the school created by Mr. Sirojiddinov played an incomparable role in choosing the field of mathematics.

J. Khojamov, dean of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, A. Atamuratov, head of the Khorezm branch of the Mathematical Institute named after V. I. Romanovsky, spoke at the commemoration night and told students to be worthy successors of their ancestors, to make good use of the opportunities created by our state today, and to become the best specialists. They said that it is both a duty and a duty to become a teacher.

The memories of the teacher S.Sirojiddinov, remembered by the students with infinite longing and respect, served to increase the interest and aspiration of the students in their field. After all, memory is sacred, and value is eternal!

Youngsters received answers to all their questions at the end of the event.