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The final state certification tests of graduating students are ongoing

As you know, at Urgench State University, the final state attestation tests of university graduates of the 2023/2024 academic year are being held on the basis of a schedule.

According to the schedule, today, on June 6, graduating students of the physics department of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics and the students of the Faculty of Socio-Economic Sciences, Economics (correspondence education), Hospitality (correspondence education), Tourism (correspondence education) and History (correspondence education) are  are participating in state certification tests.

Before today's examination process, the first vice-rector of the university D. Ibadullayev, Rector's adviser R. Sharipov, head of the department of management of the "Compliance-control" system for fighting against corruption H. Shikhova and dean of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences I. Abdullayev participated and certified. They conducted explanatory work with graduate students participating in the attestation process in order to make the process quality, fair, without duplication and transparent. 

Also, at the meeting, recommendations were made to prevent cases of embezzlement, academic corruption, and familiarity and to eliminate them in time.   

You can follow the final state certification tests through this link: