Tuscia University (Italy) awarded 40 scholarships

The University of Tuscia (Italy) has awarded 40 scholarships reserved for international students who will be admitted for the academic year 2021/2022 to one of the University's master's programs.

Scholarships in the amount of 4860.00 euros per year cover the following expenses:

- tuition fees at the university (up to 1000 euros); accommodation in a student hostel (or, in its absence, reimbursement of living expenses in the private sector);

-One-time meals in the student canteen or Viterbo subsidiary restaurants; costs of obtaining a visa, travel from home to Italy, and other bureaucratic formalities, up to a maximum of EUR 500.00.

The application can be submitted until May 31, 2021.

Additional information can be obtained at the link:

These curricula are aimed at expanding the university internationally. Master's courses in English are offered. The full list and details of the courses are available at:

In particular, we are talking about:

 LM-76 Circular Economy

The Master's Course in Circular Economy offers a specialization in aspects of circular economics and is designed to provide students with a range of innovative tools to work in the context of economic and environmental sustainability, aimed at increasing natural resources, raw materials, sustainable supply chain management, and activating industrial symbiosis.

In addition, the course aims to develop the skills necessary for deliberate work in various fields, often dissimilar from each other but related to the possibility of integrating technological innovation and new skills into productive sustainable development.

 LM-73 Forestry and Environmental Sciences

The Master's Program in Forestry and Environmental Sciences offers the knowledge and experience to work at a managerial and coordinating level in the sectors of sustainable forest management and rural and mountain development with a focus on the particularities of the Mediterranean environment, as well as the design and management of green infrastructure in urban areas are also aimed at mitigating critical environmental impacts, and in innovative operating sectors that require in-depth knowledge of forest systems.

LM-90 Security and Human Rights

The Master's Program in Security and Human Rights offers interdisciplinary training (including legal, political, economic, and sociological aspects) aimed at creating professional profiles capable of applying for a variety of positions that require skills in managing security threats, migration flows, technological transformation and “the green revolution”.