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Promotion of healthy lifestyle

         In order to ensure the implementation of paragraph 30 of the calendar plan of the order of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation No. 351 "On the organization of events for the meaningful organization of free time of students and young people", Urganch State University URDU Sports Club, URDU Trade Union Committee, Women's Advisory Council, "Kizlarjon" and "Leader Girls" Club, Faculty of Sports and Arts organized among women under the slogan "Sport is a source of elegance and health" Gymnastics ( Sports and wellness events were organized in waist hoop, jumping rope), chess and table tennis.
          In this regard, on January 22, at the Urganch State University, at the initiative of the Council of Women and Girls, "Kizlarjon" and "Leader Girls" sports clubs of UrDU, the competition "Sports - a source of elegance and health" was organized with the participation of female employees of the university. a sports-health event was held on the basis of spinning a ring around the waist, jumping rope), chess and table tennis. Active workers from 6 faculties took part in it and took the following positions:

In chess:
1st place G. Yusupbayeva;
2nd place Sh. Bekmetova;
3rd place V. Nurullayeva.
On table tennis:
1st place: Z. Abdullayeva;
2nd place: S. Rozimbayeva;
3rd place O. Yoldasheva.
In gymnastics:
1st place Sh. Zeripbayeva;
2nd place D. Abdullayeva;
3rd place B. Doschanova.