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International cooperation

On March 15 of this year, Sibel Sönmez, head of the "Preschool Education" department of the Faculty of Education at Ege University in the partner city of Izmir, Turkey, visited the "Methodology of Preschool Education" department of Urganch State University.

Before the visit, a meeting was held with the rector of the university, Bakhrom Abdullayev. In it, there was an intensive discussion about promising cooperation between the two universities, and proposals were made to further strengthen this friendship and cooperation in the future.

Also, the guest Sibel Sönmez met with the Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy A. Khudaiberganov and talked about the goals of the visit. Then he exchanged ideas with professors and teachers of the department about educational processes., Xalqaro hamkorlik, Xalqaro hamkorlik, Xalqaro hamkorlik, Xalqaro hamkorlik