Greetings, Nowruz!

Nowruz is one of the national holidays of the Uzbek people. Every year, our people welcome Nowruz with a special mood. In this regard, traditional holiday events were widely celebrated today at Urganch State University.

During the holiday, sumalak was boiled in a cauldron, the tables were decorated, and the soup was distributed to the guests. During the day, various exhibitions, sports competitions, and fun folk games were held.

At the end, a festive event was organized. At the beginning of the event, the first vice-rector of UrSU, S. Davletov, congratulated all the participants on the national holiday of Navruz, the season of renewal.

At the event, the winning faculties of the national food and handicraft exhibitions held during the day were announced and duly awarded.

During the holiday program dedicated to this occasion, the "National costumes" exhibition, artistic folklore performances, dances, and stage performances were presented. This gave the audience an upbeat spring mood.

This event, which embodies our traditions and nationality together with great festivities, gave each of the participants a special mood., Assalom, Navroʻz!, Assalom, Navroʻz!, Assalom, Navroʻz!, Assalom, Navroʻz!