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About the provision of accommodations for UrSU students

Providing accommodation to students is an important issue today. In this regard, systematic work has been started at Urgench State University. Today, the university has 7 student residences with a capacity of 3,500. 3,220 places of these are occupied by students, and 280 places are vacant. Our students can come and settle in these vacancies at any time.

It is worth saying that the 4th year students studying at the university are traveling from their places of residence due to internships. Most students don't need to go to student accommodations due to the proximity of their residences. In addition, among our students there are those who attend classes in their own cars.

Nevertheless, in order to create more comfort for the students of our university, from September 14, 2023, the construction works of a new student residence are being carried out in the area of   Urgench State University located on "Mustaqilik" street, Urgench district. This student residence has 7 floors and is being built for 600 places.

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