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The 2nd day of the "Student Festival-2024" week was held at Urgench State University

On May 14, as part of the "Student Festival-2024" week, intellectual games "Zakovat" and "Munozara", "QVZ", "Voice of Students" and "Mushoira" competitions and "Cybersport" competitions are planned to be held and the "Munozara" game was full of intense discussions among the students of our university. Also, the next weekly "Mushoira" competition was held in the building of the ARM of the university. In the competition, students and young people familiar with poetry competed with each other.

In the second half of the day, "Zakovat" intellectual games were held within the scope of the project. It is important that these "Zakovat" Intellectual Games were conducted in English and 16 teams competed for the title.

At the same time, in the Palace of Culture of Urgench State University, within the scope of the "Students' Festival-2024" project, the "Fun and Smart" contest was held. The event was opened by D. Ibadullayev, the first vice-rector of the university. All teams of the university took part in it. The performances of the "Xorijlik o'zbeklar" of the Faculty of Foreign Philology and the "Olifta" teams of the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences were especially appreciated by everyone.

After that, performances were also presented by the "Iqtidor" theater group of the Faculty of Chemical Technologies.