Creative workshop "Memory is the basis of culture", dedicated to the 115th anniversary of the birth of Dmitry Sergeevich Likhachev, an outstanding figure in the field of cultural studies, philology and art history.

Participating country: Uzbekistan.

Venue and type of event: Urgench State University (Urgench, Uzbekistan) – in-person.

Coordinators from partner universities:

Abdullaev Utkir Ismailovich, Head of the Department of History, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor (Uzbekistan UrSU)

Jumaniyazova Mamlakat Tadzhievna, Associate Professor of the Department of History, Urgench State University. (Uzbekistan)

Kraeva Veronika Yurievna, Associate Professor, Department of Russian as a Foreign Language, Altai State University (Barnaul, Russia).

Goncharov Yuri Mikhailovich, Professor of the Department of Russian History, Altai State University (Barnaul, Russia).

The event will be held in a full-time format with a duration of at least 8 academic hours, at least 2 calendar days.

First day

Lecture in Russian for students of Urgench State University: "Culture is a state of mind" - about the life, teaching and scientific views on culture D.S. Likhachev (in person and / or remotely). The lecture will also be posted on the portal

Second day

Round table "The culture of mankind is the active memory of mankind", dedicated to the birthday of academician, scientist and educator D.S. Likhachev.

Within the framework of the round table, the performance of the project executors (in-person and / or remote) about the culture, language and heritage of D.S. Likhachev.

Approximate topics of the round table:

1. "Live life" of the Russian language: global changes and current trends

2. Conceptual content of the concept of "Russian culture" in a foreign language environment: names, faces, texts.

3. History of Russian language teaching in the 20th century: Soviet legacy and current state

4. Russian culture in a foreign language environment: the search for "common places" and "crossing points"

5. Personalities of Russian literature: classics and contemporaries

Further, a creative interpretation of what was heard by the participants of the event is expected.

Approximate thematic sections for the preparation of reports, messages, speeches by students and teachers of UrSU:

“Improving your language is a great pleasure, no less than dressing well, only less expensive ...” (D.S. Likhachev “Memoirs”).

“Care for the past is at the same time a concern for the future” (D.S. Likhachev “Letters about the good”).

“Folk art teaches us to understand the conventionality of art” (D.S. Likhachev “Letters about kindness”).

“Knowledge opens doors for us, but we must enter them ourselves” (D.S. Likhachev “Letters about kindness”).

“Read fiction and understand it, read history books and love the past of mankind, read travel literature, memoirs, read literature on art, visit museums, travel with meaning and be spiritually rich” (D.S. Likhachev “Letters about good” ).

Generalization of the educational block.

Open microphone: “Culture is memory…”: discussion of the topic with students and teachers of Urgench State University