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The activity of Staff Training Week for Urgench State University (posted on June 29, 2019)

Name of the sub-project: «Creating modern center online education».
The amount of the budget for sub-project: 50000 $ USA.
Duration of the sub-project: 2018-2020 .
Expected date of completion of the sub-project: August 2020. 

The activity of Staff Training Week for Urgench State University (posted on June 29, 2019)
June  24-28, 2019 at the University of Cantabria in the framework of the project: “Creating a modern Сenter of online education” funded by International Development Association of World Bank
Members of the project “Creating a modern Сenter of online education” of UrSU are abroad. They studied and shared their knowledge and experiences with the specialists of Centro de Formation en Nuevas Technologies (CeFoNT) of the host institution Universidad de Cantabria, Spain (UC).

During one week from 24/June/2019 to 29/June/2019, the representatives of UrSU learned MoodleOCWMOOC at UC in Spain.

Visiting staff: Ms.Hasiyat Shihova, Mukhabbat Rakhimbaeva, Muzaffar Shojonov. Study at the Venue of New Technologies Training Center (CeFoNT) & Virtual Teaching Support Unit (UADV), University of Cantabria.

June 24th

Reception & introductions of participants & hosts were organized by:

Ivan Sarmiento Montenegro – Director of the New Technologies Training Center (CeFoNT) University of Cantabria,

Sergio Martínez Martínez – Director of Virtual Teaching Support Unit, University of Cantabria, e‑mail:

  • Presentation of CeFoNT and UADV services, infrastructure, vision, and mission.
  • Study of successful cases.
  • Practical case: “How would you organize an IT service in your institution?”(Luis Romero Laguillo Head of the Network Systems and Services Area Computer Service Philology Building Avda. De Los Castros, 52. 39005 Santander University of Cantabria).

June 25th

Learned about, how to create and curate materials for online education. Especially get more information about:

  • Documentation, curation, and development of original contents: tools, strategies, processes, etc.
  • Creation of multimedia materials: video recording, edition, and publishing.
  • General considerations regarding Intellectual Property protection. And at the and conducted practical classes with practical case: “Plan the contents of an online course”.

June 26th

Online course platforms: Open Education

  • MOOC course platform: the UC experience with MiriadaX.
  • Introduction to MiriadaX functionality and tools.
  • Practical case: “Creating a MOOC: planning phase”.

June 27th

Online course platforms: private courses

  • Introduction to SPOCs.
  • Moodle featured as LMS platform.

Moodle@Unican: organization, processes, statistics, etc. At the end of classes was the practical case: “Creating a course in Moodle: baby steps”.

June 28th

By the specialists of CeFoNT together with representatives of UrSU were discussed the issues of a recap of information and tools provided. Then discussed practical case: “How would you organize an IT service today? Differences from day 1”.

Were analyzed and given suggestions for the sustainability of cooperating between our universities evidence in projects of Erasmus+, Capacity building in Higher education.

Certificates of Attendance.

By the host institution of UC ShihovaRakhimbayevaand Shojonov from UrSU (Uzbekistan) have carried out staff mobility for training at UC in the framework of the project “Creating of Modern Center of Online Education” (Project number: AIF-2/6) between 24th-28th June 2019 in Centro de Formacion en Nuevas Technologies (CeFoNT), Santander.

During our study, we met several woman professors from Education faculty, many young scientists who were interested in “Creating data for modern teaching on MOOC”, specifically at the department of foreign languages. We could notice their genuine interest in our presentations about the strategy of our government in a way of using modern online education by using the opportunity of OCW, Moodle, and MOOC in a way of deciding gender issues.

It was very useful to experience with the teachers and scientists of UC who have their desires to collaborate. Especially, Dr. Macarena García-Avello Assistant professor doctor Philology Department of Education Faculty at the University of Cantabria and her colleagues have shared their habits and knowledge on using media tools, forming data according to the curriculum of bachelors which are suitable for MOOC.

Study of staff mobility, representatives of UrSU, held 10 lectures and 10 practical lessons that are a part of a foreign government program, training in one of the top Universities of European Union scientists to share their experiences with university staff in Spain.

This experience gave for the staff of UrSU the chance to share some of the teaching methods and experiences developed of habits creating MOOC.

These study week allowed them to make positive connections with colleagues, professors, and scholars from Spain.

CeFoNT specialists taught at UC for using New technology more than for 10 years, preparing teachers team and students to apply MoodleOCWMOOC.

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