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A literary event dedicated to the memory of Alisher Navoi is taking place in Astrakhan

    On February 20, the great poet of the East, organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Astrakhan region, the public organization of Uzbek culture "Uzbekistan" of the Astrakhan region, and the scientific-methodical center of folk culture of the Astrakhan region, within the framework of the cultural-educational project called "Important stages of history", a literary and musical evening dedicated to the memory of thinker Alisher Navoi was held.
          It was attended by the head of the Russian language and literature department of UrSU Uzbek philology faculty S. Ruzmetov, deputy dean for youth affairs N. Atajonova, associate professor of the Uzbek language and literature department N. Jumaniyozova and students led by the faculty tutors through the ZOOM platform. they did
         In addition, the footage of the Navoi Khan event held in the Russian city of Astrakhan was broadcasted by the Russian TV channel ЦЕНТЕР НОВОСТЕЙ. On the plaque, a literary and artistic evening dedicated to the 583rd anniversary of the birth of the great poet and statesman Alisher Navoi was held at the Astrakhan State University, schoolchildren and students read samples of the poet's ghazals in Uzbek and Russian languages ​​and sang the national anthem. and dances, and the participation of Uzbek participants in this event online.