History of the department "CONSTRUCTION"

The department of "Construction" was established in August 2020 as part of the Faculty of Engineering, Urgench State University, From September 2, 2020, the department of "Construction and Architecture" is divided into 2 specialties: - The departments of "Architecture" and "Construction" were established. Associate Professor Setmamatov Maksud Bekturdievich was appointed Head of the Department of Architecture and Associate Professor Akhmedov Kadir Karimovich was appointed Head of the Department of Construction.

Currently, the department of "Construction" is headed by Associate Professor Akhmedov Kadir Karimovich. Today, the department has a total of 1 doctor of sciences, 7 candidates of sciences and more than 20 teachers. The department has more than 30 professors and teachers "City construction and management", "Production of building materials, products and structures" and "Construction of buildings and structures" have been involved in the training of specialists in the field of education. Starting from the 2021-2022 academic year, admission to the master's degree in the direction of "Production of building materials, products and structures" began.


1. European Union Erasmus + 574049-EPP-1-2016-1 IT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP GREB: Modernization of the Curriculum in the field of smart building engineering - Green Building project.
2. Introduction of silicate bricks production technology in the production of baking sands. (Scientific Director Rakhimov R.A.) - 150,0 million sum. 
3. Improvement of methods of experimental investigation of the seismic stability of structures by modernization of the ground head and the effectiveness of the seismic activity forces of the FA-A14-F021- "Laboratory-experimental devices", as well as the construction of structures under the influence of static and dynamic forces Determination of deformities "Grant annual estimate is 124,0 mln. (Participant of docent B.Rakhmonov, associate professor R. Ismailov) - 124,0 mln. 
4. Research on the cultural heritage of the "Southern Aral Sea" IG-9-14 Khorezm Academy of Ma'mun and the creation of a "Database" on them.