The history of Fine Arts and Engineering Graphics chair

The Department of “Fine Arts and Engineering Graphics" began its activity in 1993 in the Pedagogical Faculty, accepting 25 students to the specialization of “drawing, fine and applied art”. In this regard, department of "Technological and artistic graphics" was established and specialized in order to train students in the spheres of art graphics, engineering graphics and fine arts.

Initially, the Department established in order to grant the demand for the qualified teachers of drawing and fine arts in secondary schools of the region, and later it was specialized to promote specific Khorezm school of applied arts, folk crafts and unique traditions to young people, and through teaching youth preserving ancient traditions with the aim of bringing them to the next generation, specialists and students in these areas were employed and accepted, respectively. Currently, the department includes 100 students.

Bachelors of “Fine Arts and Engineering Graphics" are prepared in the department. Students are deeply taught in specialized disciplines, such as academic drawing, painting, composition, principles of engineering graphics during entire period of education. At the same time, they learn the types of craft and applied art. This provides a chance for the future teachers of secondary schools and vocational colleges to carry out Uzbek applied art on the basis of national traditions.

Principal difference of the department from the other directions in the Republic is the deeply concern about the term “specialty” while training bachelor’s degree students. This is reflected in deeply-training of the future specialists. The department’s structure is in the form of a complex organism, and it contains many functioning structures, and they are co-operating at the same time. All academic audiences, rooms, and workshops related to the department are specialized to certain approaches, and fully equipped.

The department has "self-supporting" 4 circles, namely, “Painting workshop”, fine and applied arts, as well as the engineering aspects, and "Creative" clubs are functioning successfully.

By far, the project of a “Museum of railroad employees’ glory" in Urgench city has been developed, and decorative designing and equipping works have been conducted by “Painting Workshop”. In addition, Khorezm Academy of Mamun, the administrative establishment of Regional Council of trade unions, a number of academic lyceums and professional colleges in Urgench have been decorated by workshop members.

Permanent exhibition of best paintings, gallery of paintings, is organized within Avesto complex in the city of Urgench by the initiative of the regional administration. In addition, holding an exhibition of creative works of students from the University twice a year has become a tradition.

In 2006, because of the increasing interest of students the visual arts, and taking into account their demand, “Painting Studio” was opened at the department. The students are engaged in creative work, painted in modern directions of friends with them.

In 2006, between the Cultural Affairs Advisory of the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Uzbekistan, Magdi Mohammed Mursi, Helvey University Professor, and Urgench State University named after Al-Khorasmi a partnership agreement, known as the "Parties", was signed. According to the agreement, ballots, periodicals, educational programs, plans, guidelines and manuals, bibliographic materials, publications, information sharing, consultation, research, co-supervising undergraduates and graduate students, as well as exchanging of teachers and professors for participation in scientific conferences have been developed.

The parties conduct mutually beneficial, scientific and technical researches. They produce books, software, requirements, and educational literatures, double-sided dissertation, and participate in scientific research and discussions. This agreement was concluded for a period of 5 years.

The department included Khorezm folk crafts and applied arts to its curriculum with the aim of scientific studying Khorezm folk crafts and traditions of applied arts schools, introducing the types of folk applied arts to the students and training them to teach these sphere in the field of public education. Worker training programs have been organized according to these courses, and on their basis academic-practice guidelines and recommendations have been issued.

Section is supplied with educational classes and equipped enough.

Here, the standard subjects, such as art graphics, engineering graphics and applied arts directions are taught as well as folk crafts and applied arts adapted to the new science block. Accordingly, specially directed educational methods are used so as to develop students’ academic art ability related to the creativeness in the field of craftsmanship.

Studying schools of traditional masters and teacher-student tradition, and the ongoing work in the development them is also remarkable. Talented students, who demonstrate the ability on a certain specialty, from the first year of a study, are included to the additional courses with experienced professors and teachers. There is a chance for students from the beginning of the third course to choose final qualifying work (the subject), as well as the head tutor taking into account their interests and abilities. To do this, developed Act of the final qualifying work and guidelines by the department will be distributed to each student. Chosen topics and tutors of students are discussed during the meeting of the department and after the approval students start to collect materials related to the work, and also within pedagogical internship practice-test trainings are organized. All of these are carried out under the control of a scientific tutor (mentor). If the subject of the work of graduate students is kinds of handicrafts, then they are directed to skilled masters of crafts workshops in the regions, in order to complete the practical part of the work. Students try to learn the intricacies of craftsmanship at the place. Then, the collected material to be examined, analyzed, and included to the learning process according to the ability. In this way, widely studying of the traditional Khorezm craftsmanship and applied arts is being endeavored. This method of teaching traditional craftsmanship to the students can be considered as an innovation in the field.

The last stage of training specialists, qualifying work, certainly, consists of practical and theoretical parts. Both parts include the pedagogical period, when students are trained in or out of classroom, in order to conduct practical courses. The best final qualifying work projects are demonstrated in the halls of the university.

There is a hope that members of the department contribute to the preparation of skilled teachers, who are able to respond to requirements of the regional educational institutions in the field of graphics, fine and applied arts.

The majority of the members of the department are creative, knowledge-thirsty teachers.

They are working on vital issues of fine arts and graphics, as well as problems of opening unrevealed aspects of  Khorezm applied art school of crafts and preserving its traditions to the next generation in their researches.

Currently, 10 professor teachers, including a PhD, 4 senior teachers, and 2 teachers, have become the members of the Association of Artists of Uzbekistan.

Members of the department participated in preparing sample educational curriculum on state educational standards for the direction of the bachelor of “Fine Arts and Engineering Graphics"(4 units), and also for the master of "Engineering graphics"(4 units). Nowadays, these curriculums are being used by the universities of the Republic. So far, educational-methodological guidelines have been published from the main parts of the special subjects by the teachers.

The scientific seminar on the theme "Development of teaching graphics, fine and applied art in educational system" is functioning permanently. During the previous academic year 7 educational-methodological guidelines, a monograph, 25 scientific articles were published by the members of the department in scientific magazines of the Republic, and abstracts were announced according to them and participated in different foreign and local scientific-practical conferences. In 2005, the teacher of the department, E. Ro’ziev, defended doctoral dissertation on theme “Scientific-methodological basis of training teachers of graphics”. Currently, 3 members of the department are conducting scientific research.

Staff of the department contains teachers who are active on spiritual enlightenment, such as senior teachers Ibadullayeva Nigora, Ruzmetov Quvondiq, Kamoladdin Niyazov, Tag'anov Ravshan, Xayitboev Diyorbek, Karimov Hamid, Sherov Dilshod, Kalandarov Shamsiddin  are also actively participating in the process of teaching and learning.

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Kafedraning ilmiy anjumanlardagi faoliyati:

2011 yilning may oyida bo‘lib o‘tgan Nizomiy nomidagi Toshkent Davlat pedagogika universiteti “Tasviriy va amaliy san’at, chizmachilikdan pedagog kadrlarni tayyorlash samaradorligini oshirish yo‘llari” mavzusida Respublika ilmiy-amaliy konferensiyada kafedra professor-o‘qituvchilari ishtirok etdi.
2013 yilning aprel oyida O‘rta maxsus, kasb-hunar ta’limi tizimi kadrlarining malakasini oshirish va ularni qayta tayyorlash institutida bo‘lib o‘tgan “O‘rta maxsus, kasb-hunar ta’limi tizimiga rahbar hamda pedagog kadrlarini tayyorlash, qayta tayyorlash va malakasini oshirishning muammo va echimlari” mavzusida xalqaro ilmiy-amaliy konferensiyada kafedra professor-o‘qituvchilari ishtirok etdi. 
2015 yilning aprel oyida bo‘lib o‘tgan Nizomiy nomidagi Toshkent Davlat pedagogika universiteti “Uzluksiz ta’lim tizimining chizma geometriya va muhandislik grafikasi yo‘nalishida pedagog kadrlar tayyorlashning ilmiy nazariy asoslari” mavzusida Respublika ilmiy-amaliy anjumanda kafedra professor-o‘qituvchilari ishtirok etdi. 
2015 yilning aprel oyida bo‘lib o‘tgan Kamoliddin Behzod nomidagi Milliy rassomchilik va dizayn instituti “O‘zbekiston zamonaviy san’ati: an’ana va innovatsiyalar” mavzusida Respublika ilmiy-amaliy anjumanda kafedra professor-o‘qituvchilari ishtirok etdi. 
2015 yilning sentyabr oyida bo‘lib o‘tgan Nizomiy nomidagi Toshkent davlat pedagogika universiteti “Pedagogik kadrlar tayyorlash: tarixiylik, zamonaviylik, istiqbol” mavzusida Respublika ilmiy-amaliy anjumanda kafedra professor-o‘qituvchilari faol ishtirok etdi. 
2015 yil Urganch Davlat universitetida “Diniy ekstimizm va terorizmga qarshi kurashning ma’naviy va ma’rifiy asoslari” mavzusidagi Respublika ilmiy –amaliy seminarida ishtirok etishdi. 
2015 yilning may oyida Rossiya federatsiyasining Kozon shahrida bo‘lib o‘tgan “Innovatsionnыe pedagogicheskie texnologii” mavzusida II - xalqaro ilmiy konferensiyasida kafedra professor-o‘qituvchilari faol ishtirok etdi
2016 yil 15 mart oyida Andijon shahrida “YOshlarni qo‘shimcha kasbga tayyorlashning ijtimoiy pedagogik masalalari” mavzusidagi respublika ilmiy-amaliy anjumanida qatnashishdi. 
2017 yil 26-27 yanvar kunlari Ukraina davlatining Pereyaslav- Xmelnitskiy shahrida IX-Xalqaro ilmiy konferensiyasida ishtirok etishdi. 
2017 yil 26 fevralda Ukraina davlatining Pereyaslav-Xmelnitskiy shahrida «Aktualnыe vыzovы sovremennoy nauki» X-Xalqaro ilmiy konferensiyasida ishtirok etishdi. 
2017 yil 10 yanvar oyida Kafedra o‘qituvchilari Urganch Davlat universitetida bo‘lib o‘tgan “YOshlarga oid davlat siyosati – jamiyat taraqqiyotining omili” mavzusidagi respublika ilmiy –amaliy seminarida qatnashishdi.

Kafedraning ilmiy tadqiqot yo‘nalishi:

“Ta’lim tizimida grafika, tasviriy va amaliy san’at fanlarini o‘qitish metodlarini takomillashtirish hamda zamonaviy o‘quv adabiyotlarini yaratish”

-2010 yilda 1 ta darslik (Muhandislik grafikasini o‘qitish metodikasi) va 1 ta o‘quv qo‘llanma (Geometrik va proeksion chizmachilik) OO‘MTV grifi bilan nashr etilib, respublika OTM lari ta’lim jarayoniga joriy qilindi.
-2011 yilda Davlat patent idorasining sanoat namunasiga 3 ta patenti olindi (E.Ro‘ziev, R.Tog‘onov). 
-2011 yilda KHK lari uchun “Qurilish chizmachiligidan mashqlar va topshiriqlar to‘plami” o‘quv qo‘llanmasi nashr etilib, KXKlari ta’lim jarayoniga joriy qilindi. -2011 yilda kafedrada OTM lari talabalari uchun yaratilgan “Arxitektura-qurilish chizmachiligi” va “Arxitektura-qurilish chizmachiligidan topshiriqlar” o‘quv qo‘llanmalariga OO‘MTV ning grifi olindi va 2014 yilda nashrdan chiqarildi. -Kasb-hunar kollejlari uchun “CHizmachilikdan grafik topshiriqlar” o‘quv qo‘llanmasi tayyorlanib, Oliy va o‘rta maxsus ta’lim vazirligining 2014 yil 09.06.dagi 220-sonli buyrug‘iga asosan Vazirlik grifi berildi. 
-Tasviriy san’at va muhandislik grafikasi bakalavriat yo‘nalishida umumiy o‘rta ta’lim maktablarida olib boriladigan malakaviy amaliyotni o‘tkazish bo‘yicha tavsiyanoma Urganch -2014
- Xiva naqqoshlik maktabi O‘quv- uslubiy qo‘llanma Urganch 2014 y
- «Tasviriy san’at va muhandislik grafikasi yo‘nalishida Pedagogika amaliyotini o‘tkazish bo‘yicha tavsiyanoma» (Ibodullaeva Nigora, Xaitboev Diyorbek) 
- “Tasviriy san’at va muhandislik grafikasi bakalavriat yo‘nalishida talabalar mustaqil ishini tashkil etish bo‘yicha uslubiy qo‘llanma” (Ibodullaeva Nigora Niyozov Kamoladdin) 
-“Pedagogik tadqiqotlar” ilmiy metodik to‘plam professor E.Ro‘ziev muharrirligida har yili chop qilinadi.