Address of the rector of Urgench state university


23.07.2021,Urganch davlat universiteti professor-o`qituvchilari, ishchi-xodimlari va talabalari koronavirusga qarshi emlanish jarayonlarida faol qatnashmoqdalar,Urganch davlat universiteti rektori  Abdullayev Baxrom Ismoilovich

Vaccination, which has been going on for almost four months, is a key factor in reducing the impact of the virus in our country.
Mankind has lost many loved ones because of coronavirus disease and has suffered severe complications during the disease. I have suffered from this disease myself. First of all, thanks to the grace of Allah, thanks to the sincere efforts of doctors and the care of our state, I was relieved.
The most effective way worldwide against COVID-19 is through mass vaccination. Because the vaccine is a powerful tool against the virus, I believe that we, too, are fulfilling our civic duty to society through vaccination.
Today, the large-scale measures taken under the leadership of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev to protect the health of the people and keep them from various dangers are leading to the development of modern science, digital technologies, and several other areas. There is no doubt that the COVID-19 catastrophe will soon be eliminated as a result of urgent measures taken in our rapidly developing country. There is no doubt that our people will fully realize this solicitous of their state and, in turn, will use these opportunities to fulfill their sacred duty to the motherland today.
I've also been vaccinated against COVID-19 and I'm feeling very well. Dear colleagues and students! Do not be insensible to the health of yourself and your loved ones! First of all, your family, loved ones and the whole society need you!
If you haven't been vaccinated, I suggest you not miss the opportunity and get vaccinated without believing the various rumors circulating on social media.
Join us during the mass vaccination campaign to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the coronavirus!,MUROJAATNOMA,Yurtimizda salkam to‘rt oydan beri davom etayotgan vaksinatsiya jarayonlari virus ta’sirni kamaytirishda asosiy omil bo‘lib turibdi. Insoniyat koronavirus kasalligi tufayli qanchadan - qancha yaqin insonlaridan ayrildi, kasallik vaqtida og‘ir asoratlarni boshdan kechirdi. Men o‘zim ham bu kasallikni boshdan kechirdim.  ,Urganch davlat universiteti rektori  Abdullayev Baxrom Ismoilovich

Bakhrom Abdullayev
Rector of Urgench State University