We are the only nation living in the same country

On November 18, 2021, Urgench State University hosted a scientific-practical and educational event on the theme " We are the only nation living in the same country."

The event was attended by members of national and cultural centers, university professors and students of the Faculty of History.

Z. Ibragimov, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation of UrSU, opened the scientific-practical seminar with an introductory speech. It is well-known that in our ancient and generous land, people of different nationalities, cultures and religions have lived in peace for centuries. Hospitality, kindness, generosity of heart and true tolerance have always been characteristic of our people and form the basis of its mentality. Those who spoke at the event focused on these aspects.

In particular, M. Umurzakov, Deputy Governor of Khorezm Region for Relations with Public and Religious Organizations, Antonina Kim, director of the Korean National Cultural Center; Chairwoman of the Women's Advisory Board of UrSU, Ph.D. Sh.Nurullayeva, Senior Lecturer at Faculty of History, Ph.D. D.Atayeva, H. Saidov, Deputy Dean for Youth Affairs of the Faculty of History focused on topical issues such as fostering a culture of tolerance and humanity, strengthening interethnic and inter-citizen solidarity and harmony, educating the younger generation on this basis, in the spirit of love and devotion to the Motherland,that has been identified as one of the most important priorities of state policy in Uzbekistan, the work carried out in Khorezm region to strengthen interethnic friendship and harmony, the role of national and cultural centers.

During the event, students of the Faculty of History, Foreign Philology and Art performed songs on interethnic friendship.;Biz bir mamlakatda yashayotgan yagona xalqmiz;Biz bir mamlakatda yashayotgan yagona xalqmiz;Biz bir mamlakatda yashayotgan yagona xalqmiz