Arts and engineering graphics

Pedagogy and psychology

Music education

Foreign language and literature: English

Primary education

Preschool education

Physical culture

Technological education

Philology and language teaching: Uzbek language

Philology and language teaching: English

Philology and language teaching: German

Philology and language teaching: French

Philology and language teaching: Russian

Theory and practice of translation (by languages)

History (by country and destination)



Applied Mathematics

Biology (by species)


Mechanics and mathematical modeling

Chemistry (by type)


Soil science

Vocal art (by type)

Instrumental performance (by type)

Painting (by type)

Applied Arts (by type)

Organization and management of cultural and art institutions

Psychology (by type of activity)

Economy (by industries and sectors)

Management: tourism business management

Management: cultural heritage management

Marketing (by industries and industries)

Accounting and audit (by industry)

Automotive and tractor engineering

Vehicle Engineering (by type)

Electrical Engineering, Electrical Mechanics and Electrical Technology (by industry)

Geodesy, cartography and cadastre (by functions)

Chemical technology (by type of production)

Biotechnology (by industry)



Design and operation of light industry products (by type of production)

Food technology (by product type)

Light industry technologies and equipment (by type of production)

Computer science and programming technologies (by directions)

Architecture (by type)

Construction of buildings and structures (by type)

Organization and management of urban planning and communal infrastructure

Manufacture of building materials, products and structures

Agronomy (vegetables and melons)

Plant protection (by crop type)

Technology of storage and primary processing of agricultural products (by types of products)

Fruit growing and viticulture

Technology of cultivation and processing of medicinal plants

Vegetable, melon and potato growing

Organization and management of greenhouses

Organization and management of the hotel business

Tourism (by areas of activity)

Sports activities (in the field of women's sports)

Guide and translation activities (by language)

Ecology and environmental protection (by industries and sectors)

Mathematical engineering (by industry)








Mathematical analysis

Differential equations and mathematical physics

Mechanics of fluid and gas

Physical electronics

Physics of semiconductors

Laser physics

Inorganic chemistry

Organic chemistry

High-molecular compounds

Technology of inorganic substance and materials on their basis

Technology of silicate and refractory nonmetal materials

Technology and biotechnology of processing, storage and reprocessing of agricultural and food products



Building materials and articles

Mathematical simulation. Numerical methods and software



History of Uzbekistan

Ethnography, ethnology and anthropology

Economics of agriculture

Economics of service sphere branches

Econometrics and statistics

Regional economics

Entrepreneurship and small business economics

History of philosophy

Social philosophy

Uzbek language

Uzbek literature

National languages and literature of Europe, America and Australia

Comparative literary criticism, contrastive linguistics and translation studies

Folklore studies

Physical geography

Economic and social geography

Geodesy. Cartography

Theory of pedagogy. History of pedagogical studies

Theory and methodology of teaching and upbringing (by fields)

Area planning. Town building. Planning of rural residences. Landscape architecture. Architecture of buildings and constructions

Age and pedagogical psychology. Psychology of development


Theory and history of pedagogy (by activities)

Musical education and art

Theory and methods of training and education (primary education)

Theory and methods of training and education (pre-school education )

Theory and methods of physical education and sports training

Linguistics (Uzbek language)

Linguistics (Russian language)

Linguistics (English language)

History (by destinations and countries)

Mathematics (by directions)

Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics

Mathematical Engineering

Methods of teaching exact and natural sciences (chemistry)

Biology (in the field of science)

Ichthyology and hydrobiology

Physics (by directions)

Tourism (by activity)

Geography (by object of study)

Economy (by industry and spheres)

Technology of food production and processing (by type of products)

Chemical technology of silicate and refractory materials

Renewable Energy Physics and Sustainable Environment

Chemistry (in the field of science)

Historiography, source studies and methods of historical research (by country)

Computer Linguistics

Literary: Uzbek literature

Geography, geodesy, cartography (by functions)