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The next edition of the "Young Speakers" contest was held

The next edition of the "Young Speakers" competition, traditionally held by the Faculty of Uzbek Philology of Urganch State University, took place.

To speak fluently and correctly in our native language, Uzbek, to strengthen their desire to master the art of public speaking, to realize that language is a mirror of culture and the wing of our soul, artists of words In this competition, which was held in order to study and promote their works, acquire knowledge about the eloquence and speech culture in their works, and further strengthen the attention and respect for our state language, the 5th Uzbek philology faculty students showed their skills by competing against each other under 2 conditions.

Each condition was duly evaluated by the jury. According to the results:
1st place: Karimova Sahiba (222-Uzbek language group).
1st place: Rahmonova Lolagul (211th Russian language group).
2nd place: Rahimova Dilrabo (211th Uzbek language group).
3rd place: Kadamova Kumushoy (231-Practical Philology).

During the contest, the songs and beautiful dances prepared by the students of the 222nd group of Philology and language teaching: the Uzbek language course aroused a high mood in the audience.