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Attention, announcement!

In order to encourage the students of Urganch State University to engage in research activities and to show their talents, the contest "RECTOR'S SCHOLARSHIP" is announced for talented students studying at the university and active in public affairs.

Applicants for the "Rector's Scholarship" must submit the following documents to the faculty council for preliminary consideration:

Passport (ID) copy, CV, extract from the test book, photo;

Letter of recommendation signed by the dean and academic supervisor;

List of scientific (creative) works and their printed copies;

National or equivalent foreign language certificate.

The requirements are here

The competition is organized in 3 stages, and the candidates who won in the department round of the 1st stage are recommended for the faculty round. At the 2nd stage, documents are reviewed by the working group established in the faculties. In the 3rd final stage, it is evaluated by a special commission based on the Regulations.

All documents are submitted in one copy. 1st-2nd-3rd undergraduate students can participate in the competition with the final results of the course.

The documents will be accepted by the faculty until October 30, 2023.

Information about responsible persons