Address of the rector of Urgench state university


17.07.2021, Urganch davlat universiteti, Urganch davlat universiteti rektori:Baxrom Abdullayev,MUROJAATNOMA

Today, all conditions have been created in our country for young people to get in-depth knowledge, master a profession, study at universities in their chosen specialties, and show their talents. Especially in recent years, there has been a further improvement of the higher education system, advanced scientific and technical achievements, innovative technologies, and promising projects are widely used.
After all, a high-potential person who can meet the requirements of the time in his/her chosen direction, contribute to the development of science, culture, economy, social spheres of the republic, can think independently, has a high spirituality , highly qualified, competitive, highly educated professionals is the main goal facing the Higher Education System today.
As a result of the implemented reforms, the number of students enrolled in higher education institutions has tripled. Just in Urgench State University, enrollment increased by 4.2% (5033) in the 2021/2022 academic year. 4 new bachelor's degree and 6 new master's degree specialties are offered. Training in such specialties as including Sports activities (wrestling), Business Administration (by industry), Social work (citizens' self-government bodies), Archeology, Physics of a Semiconductor, Power Systems and Networks (by type of activity), Architecture of buildings and structures, Building materials, products, structures and technologies of their production, Agronomy  has been launched.
Of course, all this is aimed at training competitive and qualified personnel who will contribute to the socio-economic development of the republic with their knowledge and experience.We all know that corruption is an enemy of development. If there is corruption still, we can not achieve our goals. In his speech, the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education A. Tashkulov touched upon the issue of corruption in education, regrets that such cases are observed in the admission for Master`s Degree, transfer exams, creative exams, and admission process, where corruption can be observed. Today, the higher education system is being reformed to address these corruption issues.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    However, some fraudsters who have nothing to do with the university are involved in illegal activities such as trying to acquire someone else’s property through various frauds, offering bribes, extortion or mediation.

Honorable professors and teachers, dear colleagues!

At the moment, there is a big process i.e. the admission process going on in the country. Contribute to the transparency of these processes without any corruption. Do not interfere in the admissions process. Because it will guarantee not only your great and honorable profession, your pedagogical honor, but also the future of our young people who are the future owners of our country. Don't lose the hard work, prestige and respect you have earned over the years in just a minute!

Dear parents and applicants!

The laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan stipulate that in addition to taking bribes, the bribe-giver must also be prosecuted. Don't be disgrace by doing all sorts of illegal things in an attempt to become a student!  After all, without a hand to give, there is no hand to get!   Don't teach your child to bribe!

Bakhrom Abdullayev
Rector of Urgench State University