"Water is life - let's take care of it"

The event was opened by the Dean of the Faculty, Associate Professor H. Polvonov. He spoke about the urgency of the topic, noting that today's event is based on the epidemiological situation and is carried out online through the program, and the dean of the faculty introduced the participants, guests and participants of the event.
Then the floor was given to Sanjar Matyokubov, a leading specialist of the regional water management, who spoke about water resources and their quantity and quality. B. Kalandarov, Deputy Chairman of the Regional Council of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan, spoke about the importance of water, water resources and related historical processes.
Then the head of the department S.Babajanova, associate professors Sh.Babadjanova and A.Masharipov, teachers H.Kurbanbaeva and R.Khajiev spoke about the scientific research on water, water conservation, its rational use, water.
After that, the questions of the students on the topic were answered by the experts. The event was full of controversy and heated questions and answers.