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Participation of the faculty and students of Urgench State University in the environmental action "Aral Madad"

On February 20-21, 2020 a visit to Muynak was held to ensure the implementation of the Road Map, approved by the letter of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated November 21, 2019 № 05 / 1-3651. It was attended by the faculty and students of Urgench State University. The first day of the trip began with visiting the Savitsky Museum in Nukus. It contains a lot of historical items, exhibits, paintings, and through these sources a great deal of information about the historical ethnographic, ecological, socio-economic processes of the region. The second day of the trip began with a visit to Muynak. Travel shows the modern city of Muynak today, as evidenced by the large construction and improvement works in the city. Our first tour was the Muynak Cultural Center, where we got to know the Crafts Center, the Ecology Museum. Students at the museum learned a lot about the city's past and present, its natural ecological processes, the way of life and the life of the locals. They also witnessed numerous exhibits and paintings in the museum, as well as recent historical findings. The next destination was the "Fisher's House", which was established as an eco-tourism facility. Here the fishermen first got acquainted with the museum of the house, that is, the information about the life and daily activities of the indigenous people who lived 50-60 years ago. Then there was the event of passing juniper trees to the courtyard of this house museum. Our next destination was a tour of the area known as the Ships Cemetery. Here, the vessels were in the vicinity of the sea and their current state, as well as a visit to the Museum of History of the Aral Sea. There was also much information about the past and present in the Aral Sea. The hotspot for our trip was the dried seabed 60km from the town of Muynak. Here we have seen the work carried out by special working groups, that is, forestry (sowing of saxaul seedlings and seeds) in the dry seabed. Teachers and students of Urgench State University also participated in this process. They planted saxaul seeds and seedlings brought by the university and helped a special task force. He was then sent to the headquarters of the working groups. The event was organized by the Parliament of the Oliy Majlis on the environmental action for the Aral Sea, which was attended by the faculty and students of UrSU. Food donations (rice, potatoes, onions, vegetable oil, etc.), organized by the university as a support for workers, were presented to the organizers (Municipality of Muynak). No doubt, these two days of travel left a deep impression on everyone. The fact that all tourists, especially students, have been able to see the theoretical knowledge gained in the educational process with their own eyes, became a participant of it, the current state of the Aral Sea and the creative work carried out there. This tour gave them the necessary conclusions, and our young people realized that they should love and care about nature, and that if they were active and initiative in the process, the future was in their hands.