Admission for the 2022/2023 academic year (distance learning)
60111200 Fine arts and engineering graphics
60111300 Music education
60110500 Primary education
60110200 Preschool education
60112200 Physical education
60112300 Technological education
60230100 Philology and language teaching: Uzbek language
60220300 History (by country and direction)
60540100 Mathematics
60510100 Biology (by species)
60530400 Geography
60530700 Soil science
60310900 Psychology (by type of activity)
60310100 Economy (by sectors and industries)
60722500 Geodesy, cartography and cadastre (by functions)
60710100 Chemical technology (by type of production)
60411300 Organization and management of the hotel business
61010400 Tourism (by areas of activity)
60110100 Рedagogy
60111400 the Uzbek language and literаture
60410100 Accounting and auditing (by industry)
60720100 Food technology (by types of product)
60920100 Social work (self-government bodies of citizens)
61010300 Sports activities (in the direction of women's sport)
60721200 - Work and technology of construction of light industrial products (by types of production)