The University Council is the supreme collegial body and coordinates all activities. Makes decisions on operational and qualitative solution of actual tasks. The Rector of the University is the Chairman of the Council. The Council consists of vice-chancellors, deans, leading university professors, leaders of public organizations.
The University Council has developed its activities on the basis of the Regulation on the Academic Council of the University, approved by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan on December 9, 1998 № 345. , Based on the new edition of the UrSU Council Regulation, approved by the decision of the Council dated June 24, 2013 No 14.3.1.
University Council:
- implementation of state educational standards, curricula and programs in accordance with the National Program for Personnel Training;
- faculties for educational, research and spiritual-educational work, as well as reports on the activities of the lyceum, the report of the admission committee on the results of admission, to graduates of the national economy hearing marketing service reports;
methodical recommendations, programs, concepts on summarizing and improving the practice of the morning practice;
-development of scientific-research, spiritual-educational plans and teaching staff;
Preparation and recommendation of monographs, textbooks, manuals and scientific, scientific-methodical literature;
- Issues related to opening, optimization and termination of faculties and departments;
- to open or terminate educational directions (specialties), taking into account offers of marketing services;
- Recommendation to the Higher Attestation Commission for the title of Professor, Associate Professor;
- creative leave for university professors to complete doctoral dissertations, monographs and textbooks;
- Competition to fill the positions of professors and teachers in accordance with the Regulation on the Recruitment of Teachers of Higher Education Institutions;
- to recommend candidates for doctoral studies and other forms of postgraduate education;
- Hear the report of senior researchers at the university;
- Establish university scholarships based on recommendations from the faculty councils;
- to nominate candidates for the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and State scholarships from the number of undergraduate and graduate students of financial institutions;
- to approve the plans of improvement of the University's long-term and annual financial, business and economic activity and to hear the results of financial and economic activities;
- Discussion of professional development plans for specialists with higher education, hearing reports of the network of retraining and advanced training of teachers;
- hearing reports of vice-chancellors, deans, chair chairs on actual problems of university research, educational, spiritual, educational, business activities and other relevant issues.