The history of "Chemical -technological '' the department

To promote the production of a high level in the Khorezm region in the enterprise requires the preparation of high qualification of personnel, as well as engineers. For the preparation of high qualification of personnel 1992 with Urgench State University opened Polytechnic Faculty. The faculty currently includes areas such as architecture, engineering and chemical technology students Khorezm for this area were transferred to this department.

Department "Chemical Technology" is separated from in 1994 from the "Urgench State University became the Faculty of" Chemical technology. Main Department for training became Chair of "Foundations of technology."

The department entered its activities 18 professors and more of them were candidates of technical sciences. Head of the department became PhD Associate Professor O.K.Kulimov.

Preparation process engineers traced the lines.

"Chemical technology of soluble silicates and non-metallic hard", "Technology canned" safe environment and mirotvorno use of natural resources. " During this period, preparations began for the creation of laboratories and training materials. Particular attention is reversible for the manufacture of models, stands and illustrative materials on the subject.

Since 1996 began trained personnel on the direction and "Food Technology" In 1996, the head of the table Cand.Chem.Sci Associate Professor A.Razhabov.

Since 1999, he began training in a specialty.

"Technology of cultivation, storage and primary processing of agricultural products."

2002-2007, were prepared by masters in the field "Processes and devices of chemical technology" they began their activities in different areas of the rural economy, 2007-2008, heads this department became a candidate of technical sciences I.R.Boyzhanov.

At the Department of Chemical Technology

Research on the basis of local raw materials the opportunity for the needs of the economy.

Conduct research waste companies to obtain a new raw material

At the department includes the following special height researchers and the institution of independent researchers:

· 02.00.07. Kurambaev Sh.R. Associate Professor of "Chemistry and technology of composite materials" held scientific research on "made on the basis of local cheese competitive modification rust"

· 05.17.11. Z.K.Babaev Associate Professor of the Department "Technology of silicate and sparingly soluble non-metals" scientific research held on the theme: "The iron containing glass composition and content properties using glazing materials.

The scientific department of the school

05.17.01. - A scientific school of ruling M.Zh.Zhumaniyazova on specialists "Technology of non-organic substances"



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