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Mathematical Engineering is the art of applying maths to complex real-world problems; combining mathematical theory, practical engineering and scientific computing to address today’s technological challenges.

The key technical skill of an engineering mathematician is mathematical modelling. Problem solving of this kind is best learnt by hands-on experience, so that's how we teach it: using case-study applications spanning engineering, the life sciences, medicine, climate science, energy, data science, robotics and more. Mathematical modelling units feature in all our degree programmes. In these you'll work in teams to tackle challenging, open-ended problems, putting theory into practice.

The Mathematical Engineering program aims to prepare professionals capable of solving complex design and problem solving problems using advanced mathematical tools, but with an engineering approach. It combines a solid background in basic science with a deep knowledge of modern methods and technologies, as well as an enduring synergy between applied mathematics and engineering.

Scientific internship

Scientific internship ...


A young researcher, head of the Department of Mathematical Engineering of the Urgench State University - Reyimerganov Anvar Aknazarovich, who won t ...

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Scientific seminar

Scientific seminar ...


The discussion of the dissertation work, which was carried out to obtain the scientific degree, of Basic doctoral student of the Department of Ma ...

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Ilmiy seminar

Ilmiy seminar ...


02.04.2021 kuni Fizika-matematika fakultetida Mexanikaning dolzarb muammolari bo'yicha ilmiy seminar bo'lib o'tdi. Mavzu: Nave-Sto ...

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Munosiblar taqdirlandi

Munosiblar taqdirlandi ...


Oliy va о‘rta maxsus ta’lim vazirligi, О‘zbekiston Respublikasi iste’dodli yoshlarni qо‘llab-quvvatlash “Ulug&l ...

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