About the department "Technologies and equipment of light industry"

The department of "Technology and equipment of light industry" was established on September 6, 2021 on the basis of the Faculty of Chemical Technology. Students study at the department in the following areas:
5321500 - Light industry technologies and equipment (sewing products  technology);
5320900 - Design and operation of light industry products  (spinning);
5321500 - Technologies and equipment of light industry (decoration);
5321600 - Light industry technologies and equipment;
60721200 - Light industry technology and equipment (sewing products   technology);
6021200 - Design and operation of light industry products (production of silk products);

60721200 - Processing and technology of construction of light industry products (spinning yarn production).

The department has 16 professors and teachers, including 1 professor, 1 associate professor, 1 PhD, senior teacher and 13 teachers and interns, 1 of them on a part-time basis. and the scientific potential is 19%. From professors and teachers of the department prof. More than 120 articles and theses of Babayev ZK, 5 methodical manuals, 3 textbooks and 2 textbooks, docent. More than 70 articles and theses of Saparbayeva NK, 8 methodical manuals, 1 textbook and 1 textbook, Kamilov A.Q. and Quryazov Uzbeks with more than 10 articles and theses and 17 patents, Mamatova SS with more than 10 articles and theses and 2 patents, Rakhimova G.P. and Sabirov D.H. have more than 5 articles and theses and 1 textbook.

My army is my pride

My army is my pride ...


The 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students of the Faculty of Chemical Technology held a competition for the best video on the theme "My army is my pri ...

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Areas of research

- Technology of textile materials and processing of raw materials;
- Development of high-frequency dyeing technology for mixed fiber materials
- Decolorization of wastewater from textile enterprises and
  neutralization technology
- The technology of weaving fine-grained cocoons of mulberry silkworms

Working with gifted students

A total of 421 students are studying in the field of light industry technologies, of which 8 talented students in the 2020-2021 academic year in the 2nd stage of the Republican Science Olympiad "Technology of leather goods", "Innovative technologies in sewing", "Costume creative technology", actively participated in the Science Olympiad in natural sciences and received a certificate.
Shokhrukh Rakhimbaev, a student of 181st YST, took the first place in the university stage of the competition "In the eyes of the 3rd Renaissance youth" and took an active part in the regional stage.
1st year students of Light Industry Design took part in the "Rector's Cube" in April 2021 and took the 2nd place.
Our students, whose names are listed below, are currently studying all subjects with excellent grades, submitting documents to the department of gifted students of the university and receiving up to 50% incentive scholarships: 203-ESBK student Sadullayeva Indira, 204-ESBK student Shomurotov Murodbek, 191 -YST student Alimboev Kamoladdin, 181-YST Shokirova Kumushkhon.