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The Department of Biotechnology was established in September 2020 on the basis of the Faculty of Bioengineering and Food Safety. 
Students study at the department in the following areas:
5320500-Biotechnology (by industry)
5411100 - Technology of cultivation and processing of medicinal plants
5411600-Vegetable, horticulture and potato cultivation  direction

Professional activities at the Department of Biotechnology: 
Professional activities in the field of 5320500-Biotechnology (by industry):
-organizational management;
-designer design;
-Scientific research;
- operation and maintenance;
- pedagogical (general secondary and secondary specialized, vocational education 
5411100 - Technology of cultivation and processing of medicinal plants 
Types of professional activities:
-organizational management;
-information and analytical activity;
research activities;
-production and services;
5411600-Vegetable growing, horticulture and potato cultivation  direction:
- Organizational management;
-information and analytical activity;
-scientific research activity;
-production and services;
The department employs 14 professors and teachers, including 1 internal and 4 external, scientific potential - 22%.

Research directions

Technologies and biotechnologies for processing, storage and processing of agricultural and food products.
Plant physiology and biochemistry
Defense of dissertations

Babadjanova Sayyora Khushnutovna, specialty 03.00.13 - Human and animal physiology. In 2002 she became a candidate of biological sciences on the topic of the hypometabolic status of animals and the life expectancy of an organism under the influence of various factors.
Tadzhiev Anvar Yuldashevich received his Ph.D. in Biological Sciences in 2010, specializing in 03.00.07-microbiology for the isolation, study and practical application of phosphorus-destroying microorganisms in the rhizosphere of wheat.
Working with gifted students

In September 2020, Khabibulla Haji Khojarbibi Alisher kyzy, a third-year student of the specialty "Technology of cultivation and processing of medicinal plants", became a gifted student at Urgench State University.