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History of the Theory and Methodology of Physical Culture Department

The Department of Theory and Methodology of Physical Education was established on August 25, 1992. In 1999-2010, associate professor M.M. Rakhimov worked as the head of the department, since 2010, associate professor F.T. Masharipov has been leading the department. From September 2015, the name of the department was changed to the name of Theory and Methodology of Physical Culture, and it was headed by associate professor S.U. Kopalov, from March 2018, the department was headed by associate professor O.L. Matnazarov. From September 2022, Z.T. Sherov, Ph.D., was the head of the department. In 2005, 5A112001- Master's degree in theory and methodology of physical training and sports training is accepted. From the 2011-2012 academic year, 5,112,000 bachelors in the field of physical culture were accepted.

The Department of Theory and Methodology of Physical Culture currently trains qualified teachers and coaches in the field of physical culture for general secondary schools, academic lyceums and sports schools.

All amenities are provided for students to do sports during the course of the lesson and in their spare time: 2 large sports halls (18x36), one football field in the open field, an athletics track, a long jump field, 2 shot put fields, 2 Mini Football Field Artificial Grass, 1 basketball, 1 volleyball courts, 1 tennis court and 1 gymnastics courts. Sports games and physical culture theory and methodology rooms are equipped with sufficient visual aids and instructions, electronic boards and projectors. In the Department of Theory and Methodology of Physical Culture, all conditions have been created for professors and teachers to conduct the educational process on the basis of new pedagogical and information technologies.

Today, 8 candidates of science and associate professors, 3 senior teachers and 13 teachers are working in the department. 5 professors-teachers of the department are conducting scientific work on doctoral dissertations as independent researchers. The department works in cooperation with higher educational institutions and scientific centers in our republic in educational, methodological, spiritual, educational and scientific fields. Professors-teachers of our department have been participating with their scientific articles in scientific-practical conferences held in higher educational institutions and the Republic. Professors-teachers of the department are also conducting coaching work in the Khorezm regional branch of the Republican "Student" Sports Association. They are taking prizes in sports competitions held on the scale of the republic. In particular, the professors-teachers and student-athletes of our department took part in Universiade 2022 sports competitions and won 2nd place.

Professional classification (qualifications): carrying out scientific pedagogical activities in the educational process of physical education and physical culture, conducting teaching and coaching activities in physical education classes and extracurricular sports activities, managing physical education and sports in state non-governmental organizations, pre-school is possible to have the qualifications to be a physical education instructor in educational institutions, to conduct sports coaching activities in sports boarding schools.





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Priority of scientific research activity of theory and methods of physical culture department.

  The scientists of our chair are working on scientific research according to following priority of our country’s economical policy. 
- Innovational technology of professional training. 
- The burning issues of physical training in preschool education. 
- To attract the the students to sport training and prepare them psychological and scientific method. 
- Methods of controlling the controlling the competitors performance in the competitive period. 
- Scientifically-practical basics of prevention of infection in children by means of special fitness complexes. 
- Theoretical bases of physical training for schoolchildren living in unfavorable climatic conditions in the island. 
- Pedagogical and psychological problems of increasing the effectiveness of education in the education system. 
- The use of new pedagogical technologies to improve the effectiveness of physical education closes at secondary schools and study the impact of ecology on physical development of schoolchildren.