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History of the “Food Technology” department.


        In 1994, the faculty of “Chemical-Technology” was established at Urganch State University, and within the faculty, the main department producing specialists was established under the name “Basics of Technology”. Since this year, the department has started training personnel in the specialty “Canning technology” of the food department. In 1996, the department began training qualified personnel in the specialty “Food Technology”. Since January 2019, the Department of “Food Technology” has been established. Ph.D. to the department Associate Professor B.M. Ibadullayev has been in charge.

The department prepares high-class engineers with a bachelor’s degree in food technology 5321000 (by product types), as well as a master’s degree in 5A321001-food production and processing technology (oil processing technology). Today, 22 professors of the department teach students using modern information technologies and new pedagogical technologies. In January 2022, modern laboratory equipment worth 4.5 billion soums was brought to the department and put into use based on the grant funds of the International Islamic Development Bank. This year, on the basis of funds from the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, a group of qualified young personnel of the faculty dean’s chief teachers returned to the National Technical University in Minsk, Belarus, to improve their skills.

The department has established international relations with the University of Padova in Italy and the University of Porto in Portugal. In addition, cooperation has been established with specialists of large food industry enterprises in our Republic and region on the basis of special  programs, in particular, students are given laboratory and practical training in science, as well as production practices at “Urganch Yog” JSC, “Tillo Domor” JSC, “Urganch Wine” JSC, “Urganch Don” JSC, “Khonka Don” JSC, “Khorazm branch of UZ Standardization Agency” were established by recruiting leader specialists of these enterprises to the department on the basis of external deputation. In 2021, on the basis of the joint education between our Department of Food Technology and the Belarusian State University of Food and Chemical Technology, our first 7 masters were in Belarus and studied there for 1 year . From September 2022, half of our master’s graduates have been imparting knowledge of subjects organized in Russian to the students of our department. Since September 2022, exactly the same year, the head of the SLM complex of the quality control center agency of the UzTEST Khorezm branch has been teaching at our Department of Food Technology on an external basis.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Technical Sciences

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Technical Sciences ...



Lecturer at the Department of FOOD TECHNOLOGY


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