Scientific work of the department

During 2021, professors and teachers of the department published more than 10 articles in prestigious foreign journals, more than 15 articles in national journals, more than 50 abstracts at national conferences, more than 5 abstracts at international conferences.

The department of "Tourism and Hotel Management" conducts research in the field of "Trends in improving the competitiveness of services in an innovative economy", "Current issues of sustainable development of tourism on the basis of modern trends."

In the reporting year, the scientific potential of the department was 20.6% (17.6% in the main staff). The department is consistently taking measures to increase the scientific potential of teachers on the basis of the plan. In 2021, 1 professor-teacher, 11 professors-teachers conducted research on dissertations for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. 1 professor is studying for a doctorate, 6 for a basic doctorate, 4 as an independent researcher and 1 professor as an intern-researcher.

Under the leadership of 4 professors and teachers of the department Saidmamatov Olimjon Aminboy oglu worked on the grant "Developing MOOC on Ecotourism of Uzbekistan" under the program "UNICEN" of the American Embassy. The total funding of the research grant is $ 7,670. An electronic textbook on the scientific grant was created and posted on the EdX platform:

10.10.2021. The team of the department won the competition of the UNESCO Participation Program for 2020-2021 with the project "Opportunities to increase women's entrepreneurial activity and earn money in the field of ecotourism in the Aral Sea region." This project is designed to improve tourism skills in the Aral Sea region and is expected to be implemented in 2022.

Professors of the Department of "Tourism and Hotel Management" regularly take an active part in the competition of innovative ideas held in the Republic, the teacher of the department Yuldashev Hakimboy № C-PF-55 "Tourist cities of Uzbekistan 3D D and VR BOX models ”project. The project created 3D models of cultural heritage sites in Khiva. In order to revive the past, real historical events were revived. 32 new jobs were created.

Jinlin Zhao, a professor at Florida International University in the United States, came to the department for a month to teach at the department with the help of the Fulbright program and taught tourism to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students. The lessons, which lasted about a month, were conducted in a "co-teaching" style, and young teachers learned modern teaching methods, interesting ways to conduct lessons using the Internet. In addition, Prof. Jinlin Zhao is working with members of the department to write several scientific articles.*